On the farm

Delightful farm themed toys. Puzzles, pull alongs, stacking animals and many more!

Cachatou Maggy cow shape sorter by Djeco

Djeco cachatou maggy

£23.95 £25.95
Cachempil mother hen by Djeco

Djeco cachempil

£15.45 £16.95
Djeco colour animal blocks

Djeco colour animal blocks

£12.95 £14.45
Cot cot panik by Djeco

Djeco cot cot panik

£14.45 £15.95
Pull along chicken by Djeco

Djeco cotcotte

£21.45 £23.95
Farm animal puzzle cubes by Djeco

Djeco creacubes - farm

£9.95 £10.95
Djeco farm animal domino game

Djeco domino farm

£6.45 £7.25
Djeco domino nimo wooden farm animal dominoes

Djeco domino nimo

£12.95 £14.75
Duo animo puzzles by Djeco

Djeco duo animo

£11.95 £13.95
Djeco Jackmoo cow noise maker

Djeco jackmoo

£4.75 £5.55
Djeco jowoof dog noise maker

Djeco jowoof

£4.75 £5.55
Djeco leomeow cat noise maker

Djeco leomeow

£4.75 £5.55
Down on the farm primo puzzle by Djeco

Djeco primo puzzle - on the farm

£7.95 £8.45
Smily donkey pull along toy by Djeco

Djeco smily

£21.95 £23.95
Animal screwing dexterity toy by Djeco

Djeco vis-animo

£16.25 £17.25
Haba Peter's farm peg puzzle

Haba Peter's farm puzzle

£6.65 £6.95