Haba Peter's farm peg puzzle

Haba Peter's farm puzzle

£6.65 £6.95
Haba apple pie

Haba apple pie

£12.95 £14.25
Haba biofino baguette

Haba baguette

£15.45 £16.95
Fabric play food banana by Haba

Haba banana

£4.95 £5.95
Beetle Karo baby rattle by Haba

Haba beetle karo

£6.95 £8.25
Haba beetle kim dangling figure

Haba beetle kim dangling figure

£9.25 £10.25
Wooden biscuits in a tin by Haba

Haba biscuits in a tin

£6.95 £7.45
Blue cuddly comforter by Haba

Haba blue cuddly comforter

£5.95 £6.95
Blue fleecy fluffy fabric ball by Haba

Haba blue fleece ball

£3.45 £3.95
Blue rabbit pacifier holder by Haba

Haba blue pacifier animal

£6.95 £7.95
Bread and rolls in a crate by Haba

Haba bread and rolls

£13.95 £15.45
Haba bread loaf to cut

Haba bread loaf

£14.95 £16.95
Play food butter by Haba

Haba butter

£3.95 £4.25
Haba canned sausages

Haba canned sausages

£9.45 £10.25
Fabric play food carrot by Haba

Haba carrot

£2.45 £2.95
Play food cheese slices by Haba

Haba cheese slices

£6.95 £7.85
Haba biofino cherries

Haba cherries

£2.45 £2.65
Haba chicken and chips

Haba chicken and chips

£11.45 £12.45
Haba play food chicken nuggets

Haba chicken nuggets

£8.25 £8.45
Chocolate spread by Haba

Haba chocolate spread

£4.45 £4.95
Colour squares pegging game by Haba

Haba colour squares

£29.95 £34.45
Colourful cutting fruit mix by Haba

Haba colourful fruit mix

£13.95 £15.45
Colourful cutting vegetable mix by Haba

Haba colourful vegetable mix

£14.95 £16.45
Haba wooden play  cooker

Haba cooker

£29.95 £37.95