Djeco "dream up toys and games that everyone can enjoy" and here at Toyjeanius HQ we delight in selecting a range of their bestselling toys for our customers to choose from. Based in their offices alongside the river Seine in Paris, a team of graphic designers, illustrators and inventors work tirelessly to create a new toy every single day! When you hold a Djeco toy in your hands you can't help but notice the eye catching illustrations that make these toys truly unique and magical. Every single toy will stimulate and enrich your child's imagination, inspiring them to explore and discover as they play and learn.

Djeco 1,2,3,4 bloop

Djeco 1,2,3,4 bloop

£13.95 £15.95
123 Froggy wooden puzzle by Djeco

Djeco 123 froggy

£12.95 £14.95
Djeco 1234 basic wooden puzzle

Djeco 1234 basic

£11.45 £12.75
A little adventure in the woods by Djeco

Djeco adventure in the woods

£14.95 £16.95
Djeco all my beautiful dresses pencil rubbing craft kit

Djeco all my beautiful dresses

£13.95 £14.95
Djeco apple pie

Djeco apple pie

£8.95 £9.95
Aquarium maze game by Djeco

Djeco aquarium

£17.95 £18.95
Djeco wooden animals and tree puzzle box

Djeco arbra doudou

£10.45 £12.75
Djeco arty cat paper night light

Djeco arty cat night light

£8.45 £9.45
Djeco arty rose night light

Djeco arty rose night light

£8.45 £9.45
Djeco audora & theodore breakfast set

Djeco aurora & theodore toaster

£15.95 £16.95
Djeco babyraini wooden rain maker

Djeco babyraini

£11.95 £13.95
Djeco babyshaki lion rattle

Djeco babyshaki

£5.95 £6.75
Djeco ballerina on stage music box

Djeco ballerina on stage

£11.45 £12.45
Deco bigabasic wooden puzzle

Djeco bigabasic

£7.25 £7.95
Djeco bingo nimo game

Djeco bingo nimo

£14.95 £15.95
Birthday tea party set by Djeco

Djeco birthday party tea set

£27.95 £29.95
Sea animals relief puzzle by Djeco

Djeco blop

£11.95 £12.95
Djeco boitabasic wooden shape sorter

Djeco boitabasic

£11.45 £12.75
Djeco breakfast set

Djeco breakfast set

£9.45 £10.45
Breakfast time by Djeco

Djeco breakfast time

£24.95 £28.95
Djeco bunnybloc

Djeco bunnybloc

£12.45 £13.45
Cachatou Maggy cow shape sorter by Djeco

Djeco cachatou maggy

£23.95 £25.95
Camouflanimo strategy game by Djeco

Djeco camouflanimo

£10.95 £12.45