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School fundraising

Thursday 11th January 2018

Toyjeanius can help you raise money for your school, nursery or playgroup. We pay up to 10% of all sales to registered organisations when a referral code is used during checkout.

How does it work?

Schools, nurseries, playgroups and registered childminders can register with Toyjeanius to receive a code. We can provide you with postcards that give detail of the referral scheme and space to write your unique code. These can then be passed on to parents, staff, friends, family, PTA members and supporters. When the code is entered during the checkout process it enables us to identify your organisation and calculate the commission due to you.

How do we register?

Schools, nurseries, playgroups and registered childminders can contact Toyjeanius directly. We will need your name and address, contact details of a person we can deal with within your organisation and bank details if you choose to receive your commission via bank transfer. You can request a code of your choice, however we recommend that you use the name of your organisation as this is easy for people to remember. If a name is already in use when you register we will let you know so that you can choose an alternative.

How much commission will we receive?

Registered organisations can choose to take commission as 10% of the total value of orders made (excluding delivery) in toys from the Toyjeanius website or 5% cash, paid via bank transfer. Commission will only be paid if a customer enters your unique referral code into the relevant box during checkout. We will not accept any codes that are provided after an order has been placed.

How often will commission be paid?

If you opt to receive 5% commission via bank transfer this will be paid monthly. If you choose to receive toys from the Toyjeanius website you may prefer to let your commission build up over several months so that you have access to a larger range of toys, games and puzzles. We are happy to send you a monthly statement detailing the commission that you have built up. Please note that this statement will not include any personal details relating to the orders placed using your referral code.

What toys can we receive in commission?

You can choose any toys that are in stock at Toyjeanius up to the level of commission you are due. We try to keep all items in stock, however occasionally this isn't possible and when this happens you will see an out of stock message on the product page.

Is there a delivery charge?

No. We offer free delivery whenever you choose to receive your commission in toys.

Does the customer benefit from using the code?

Customers will receive a free gift with all orders over £15.00 if they enter a referral code during checkout. The postcards we can provide you with direct potential customers to a page on our site that explains how the referral scheme works.